2012-06-14 - Evolution

Ransomware : Smile you're on camera - Reveton.C new landing pages

Reveton is since few days being spread in a new version tagged by Microsoft as revision C.
To be more persuasive in the ransom process there is now a "video recording : On" feature.
Reveton.C US Landing

 And some more for the love of Ransom Art !
Reveton.C FR Landing

Reveton.C DE Landing

Reveton.C UK Landing

Reveton.C IT Landing
Reveton.C ES Landing

Reveton.C GR Landing
Reveton.C FI Landing

Reveton.C NL Landing

You'll find all Reveton screenshots on https://www.botnets.fr/index.php/Reveton
Requested for md5: 

If you hear about other localised version of the landing, please drop a comment ! :)