2020-02-28 - The Last Post.

Choose Again.

Blog This is the End. Read More ›

2019-01-16 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2018-15982 (Flash Player up to and Exploit Kits

Blog The CVE-2018-15982 is a bug that allows remote code execution in Flash Player up to Read More ›

2018-05-25 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2018-8174 (VBScript Engine) and Exploit Kits

Blog The CVE-2018-8174 is a bug that allows remote code execution via the VBScript Engine, spotted in the wild as a 0day at the end of April 2018, announced by Qihoo360 Read More ›

2018-03-09 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2018-4878 (Flash Player up to and Exploit Kits

Blog The CVE-2018-4878 is a bug that allows remote code execution in Flash Player up to, spotted in the wild as a 0day, announced by the South-Korean CERT on the 31st of January. Read More ›

2018-03-07 - Hosted – Author of this hosted post prefers remaining anonymous

The King of traffic distribution

Blog Disclaimer: This post is hosted here as a courtesy to the author who prefers to remain anonymous. MDNC was not involved in any way with this study. Read More ›

2017-10-16 - Botnet – Ddos

CoalaBot: http Ddos Bot

Blog A Ddos Bot advertised underground since August 2017. Read More ›

2017-03-02 - Exploit-Kit – Landscape

Bye Empire, Hello Nebula Exploit Kit.

Blog While Empire (RIG-E) disappeared at the end of December after 4 months of activity, on 2017-02-17 an advert for a new exploit kit dubbed Nebula appeared underground. Read More ›

2017-01-06 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2016-7200 & CVE-2016-7201 (Edge) and Exploit Kits

Blog CVE-2016-7200 & CVE-2016-7201 are vulnerabilities in the Chakra JavaScript scripting engine in Microsoft Edge. Reported by Natalie Silvanovich of Google Project Zero, those have been fixed in november 2016 (MS16-129) by Microsoft. Read More ›

2016-10-02 - Exploit-Kit – Landscape

RIG evolves, Neutrino waves goodbye, Empire Pack appears

Blog About built-in TDS in exploit kit and Neutrino going private. Read More ›

2016-09-26 - Botnet – Stealer

Fox stealer: another Pony Fork

Blog A stealer sold underground since August 2016 Read More ›