Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the password in your files ?

Password when not mentionned is infected (because of some email system scanning archive using infected as password I am lately using malware ). When there is a private pass … is private. Contact me if you think I might be willing to share it with you.

  • In which Forum is this advertised ?
    If not mentionned…it’s on purpose. If you know, you’ll recognize, if you do not know and we are on same side of the payload send a mail

  • What tool are you using in this screenshot ?
    Commented Fiddler
    Screenpresso for comment and screenshot, Fiddler as proxy. For similar results on Screenshot edition you may also consider the opensource ShareX or HotShots

  • and in this one?

  • and there and what is the police ?

Sublime Text and it’s default police

  • Why are you often blurring stats ?

I show panel to allow everyone to put images on Tools used by the “offensive” side. I most often don’t want the operator to recognize its panel. If any researcher want to see the unmodified screenshot, send a mail.

  • No reply to your question here ?

Sorry…This Project is Over