2012-06-22 - Evolution

Redkit - one account = one color

There is brain behind the Redkit Exploit Kit.
After first publication of Screenshots they added above the menu, the account ID in #fefefe on #ffffff
Invisible to human, cristal clear for photoshop.
Redkit "Customer" Panel (begining of may)

After public post and being named Redkit they gone #333333
Redkit after going #333333

Know now that there is one color by "Customer". Seems it's kind of Grey. Maybe #333333 + salt based on the ID of the user.

You publish a screenshot ? you give the account you just used and you'll get a nice :

Ваш аккаунт временно заблокирован. Пожалуйста, обратитесь в саппорт за дополнительной информацией.

next time you try to login. Translated by google as :

Your account has been suspended. Please contact support service for more information.

Well done.