2012-08-30 - Evolution

CVE-2012-4681 - Связка Sweet Orange

Связка Sweet Orange

Yes, it's becoming boring.
We'll make it fast.
Using [FR] Malekal's sniper technics (hat tip)  you can find a Sweet Orange EK when you need one :

petrol.thehickorymotormile.com [:] 8382/AZAgQw?wITGN=78
petrol.thehickorymotormile.com [:] 8382/6 -> c013d9497d787bcc6d7829cd1143bd8b <- incl. CVE-2012-4681
diesel.thehickorymotormile.com [:] 8382/oshPbY?expid=4&fid=7

CVE-2012-4681 piece of code found dropped by Sweet Orange
And it's working as desired by creator.
Fiddler session here : http://minus.com/lZ9tJWFeIZRfw

After Orange...want to see some Red.