2012-08-28 - Evolution

Java 0day ( CVE-2012-4681) Update available for Blackhole Exploit Kit owner

According to a post of Paunch, the Blackhole creator, the actual java 0 day (CVE-2012-4681) is  available for Blackhole owner since yesterday evening.

Paunch post on Exploit.In about java 0 day
Original text of the notification :


Добавлен 0day Java эксплойт, стучите за обновками, пробив жжот...

конкуренты - подтягивайтесь )))

Google Translation :


Added 0day Java exploit to knock for new clothes, breaking is cool ...

competitors - Tightens)))

Spotted on the BH EK hiding behind 731 ips on AS57999

(Here video of Reveton being dropped in its new Swedish clothes - go 1080HD - To see all known Reveton landings : https://www.botnets.fr/index.php/Reveton )

Jar file : 08fd3413aef2012f2b078fa07855e398

Updated : 0cbc25ade65bcd7a28dd8ac62ea20186
Right now to get it :  almost any ip from, &
 then get Pre.jar.

Edit: Now: Leh.jar - 496ed828bdc5643ff17cb084a212deaf (far larger and slightly more obsfuscated)
(will stop keeping track here after this one)

Reading about this 0 day :
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