2012-10-29 - Evolution

Reveton += HU, LV, SK, SI, TR (!), RO - So spreading accross Europe with 6 new Design

The guys behind the Reveton "Police Ransomware" are really active.
After initiating the Cool EK, refreshing all design and adding 4 maybe 5 (AU,CZ, IE, NO, DK?) targets around 10 of October  they are reaching a new step targeting at least 6 new countries among which one where they seems to be alone in this "business" ( HU, LV, SK, SI, TR (!), RO )

Reveton's Design addition in October 2012
In Turkey, 20% (!!) of the computers hitting the Exploit Kit are being locked. For many days computer there, were showing a UK design...not anymore

Reveton TR (10-2012 - First known Police Ransomware there)
Reveton SI (10-2012 -  2nd Police Ransomware there after Urausy)
Reveton SK (10-2012 - 2nd Police Ransomware there after Urausy)
Reveton LV (10-2012 - 2nd Police Ransomware there after Urausy)
Reveton HU (10-2012 - Once again come after Urausy)
Reveton RO (10-2012 - Third after Urausy and first version of Ulocker )
As usual you'll find all these design and past one on botnets.fr
Again, I would be happy to get some help to retrieve BE, PT and DK design (contact me via Twitter or kafeine at dontneedcoffee dot com )
You'll find more documentation about Reveton at the end of Reveton Autumn Collection += AU,CZ, IE, NO & 17 new design
<edit1 30/10/12>
Erratum : Slovenia = SI (merci Eric) So, it's the second one after Urausy
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