2012-11-24 - Evolution

Upas Kit (aka Rombrast) integrates webinjects

Announcement by Auroras

webinjects завершено. завершается документация и подготовляем продукт к продажи. на этой неделе цена 2,000$ для модуля, на след недели 3,000$, сделайте предзаказ сейчас что бы получить дешевле!
translated by Google as :
webinjects completed. complete documentation and prepare the product for sale. this week's price $ 2,000 for the module next week $ 3,000, pre-order now to get cheaper!

Demo video posted with announcement.

Emerging Banker ?

For those who like visual things (cf Read More end of Post) :

Upas Login Screen (v1.0 may have change)

More about Upas kit ?
Inside Upas Kit ( aka Rombrast C&C - Botnet Control Panel 2012-08-16
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