2015-03-04 - Landscape

New crypto ransomware in town : CryptoFortress

Blitz post.
[This post has been heavily edited to  fix my mistake.

I was hunting for Gootkit (pushed in a Nuclear Pack instance in France those days) but instead I got a Teerac.A  new crypto ransomware.

Nuclear Pack pushing CryptoFortress via CVE-2013-2551 - FR - 2015-03-04
(have no sure explanation for the 444 error on the "undefined" and CVE-2015-0311 call in that pass).

I thought i was facing Teerac.A (aka TorrentLocker) which was showing that design :

Clicking on the "Buy Decryption software" :

The sample I got today is showing a close identity :  CryptoFortress

Clicking on the "Buy decryption software"

Samples :  Torrent Locker and a fresh CryptoFortress
26f13c4ad8c1ccf81e80a556cf6db0af - 2014-10-25
e6dda3e06fd32fc3670d13098f3e22c9 - 2015-03-04

Read more :
(PDF) TorrentLocker - Ransomware in a country near you - 2014-12 - Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé - Eset

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