2015-10-29 - Exploit Integration

CVE-2015-7645 (Flash up to and Exploit Kits

The CVE-2015-7645 has been fixed with Adobe Flash Player Spotted in the wild (2015-10-13) in APT28's exploit kit by TrendMicro, this exploit was already reported 2 weeks before (2015-09-29) to Adobe by Natalie Silvanovich.

It has now made its way to Exploit Kit

Angler EK :
CVE id confirmed by by Anton Ivanov ( Kaspersky )

Angler EK successfully exploiting Flash
Flash sample in that pass : 4af57fb1c71bb9c1599371d48240ff36
Another sample : bea824974f958ac4efc58484a88a9c18
One more from the Poweliks instance : 0d72221d41eff55dcfd0da50cd1c545e

Not replayable fiddler sent to VT

Out of topic sample loaded by bedep :
5a60925ea3cc52c264b837e6f2ee915e Necurs
a9d5a9a997954f5421c94ac89d2656cd Vawtrak ( < that one was not expected in that infection path)

Edge is now being served a landing and the flash being sent is targeting this CVE according to Kaspersky and Eset

Angler EK exploiting Flash on Windows 10 (build 10240) through Edge
Fiddler : AnglerEK_Edge_18.0.0.209_2016-03-11.zip

Nuclear Pack:
Nuclear Pack which has been playing with landing URI pattern lately has integrated it
CVE-2015-7645 in Nuclear Pack on 2015-10-30
Sample in that pass : f5dd2623ae871d58483bf14ec5d635e4

Out of topic payload : 0b3de2a8d838883e10a1d824d20fe95c Kelihos Loader (harsh02)
Fiddler sent to VT

Magnitude trying to exploit CVE-2015-7645
Spotted sample : 21993dd3b943d935a9296aeff831cbb9 CVE id confirmed by Timo Hirvonen
No payload but the actor behind that thread would like to see you Cryptowalled. Update might come.

Spartan :
Without surprise as Spartan is the work of the coder of Nuclear Pack.
Note : old version of Chrome <= 43.0.257 and Firefox < 38 seems to be falling as well

Spartan pushing Pony and Alphacrypt via CVE-2015-7645

Sample in that pass : 1c074c862d3e25ec9674e6bd62965ad8  (another one: 66f34cd7ef06a78df552d18c729ae53c )
(out of topic payload : Pony: 29c940f9d0805771e9c7ec8a5939fa25 ( /myadvert/autoget.php) and Cryptowall 74ebff4acc4ad9c2a2e665ff293c02e6  NB earlier today drops were Pony and Alphacrypt ) 
Fiddler sent to VT

Most probably appeared 2015-10-16
Necurs being dropped by Neutrino via CVE-2015-7645
Sample in that pass: 7dd9813ef635e98dd9585deaefecfcff
(Out of topic payload : Necurs a83a96e87e80adef1e4598a645f2918c )
Fiddler sent to VT  (You might want to read the detailed analysis by Trustave)

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