2016-07-14 - Exploit Integration

CVE-2016-0189 (Internet Explorer) and Exploit Kits

Spotted by Symantec in the wild  patched with MS16-051 in may 2016, CVE-2016-0189 is now being integrated in Exploit Kit.

Neutrino Exploit Kit :
Here 2016-07-13 but i am being told that i am late to the party.
It's already [CN] documented here

Neutrino after ScriptJS redirector dropping Locky Affid 13- 2016-07-13

Flash sample in that pass : 85b707cf63abc0f8cfe027153031e853fe452ed02034b792323eecd3bc0f7fd
(Out of topic payload : 300a51b8f6ad362b3e32a5d6afd2759a910f1b6608a5565ddee0cad4e249ce18 - Locky Affid 13 )

Thanks to Malc0de for invaluable help here :)

Files Here: Neutrino_CVE-2016-0189_160714 (Password is malware - VT Link)

Sundown :
Some evidence of CVE-2016-0189 being integrated in Sundown were spotted on jul 15 by @criznash
On the 16th I recorded a pass where the CVE-2016-0189 had his own calls :

Sundown exploiting CVE-2016-0189 to drop Smokebot on the 2016-07-16
(Out of topic payload :  61f9a4270c9deed0be5e0ff3b988d35cdb7f9054bc619d0dc1a65f7de812a3a1 beaconing to : vicolavicolom.com | )
Files : Sundown_CVE-2016-0189_160716 (password is malware)

I saw it on 2016-09-12 but might have appeared before.
RIG successfully exploiting CVE-2016-0189 - 2016-09-12

CVE-2016-0189 from RIG after 3 step decoding pass

Files : RIG_2016-0189_2016-09-12 (password is malware)

Here pass from 2016-09-16 but is inside since at least 2016-09-04 (Source : Trendmicro - Thanks)

CVE-2016-0189 in Magnitude on 2016-09-16
Sorry i can't share fiddler publicly in that case (Those specific one would give to attack side too much information about some of the technics that can be used - You know how to contact me)

Out of topic Payload:  Cerber

Spotted first on 2017-09-22 here is traffic from 2018-01-30 on : Win10 Build 10240 - IE11.0.10240.16431 - KB3078071

CVE-2016-0189 in GrandSoft on 2018-01-30
Out of topic Payload:  GandCrab Ransomware

Fiddler here : GrandSoft_WorkingonIE11_Win10d.zip (pass is malware)

Edits :
2016-07-15 a previous version was stating CVE-2015-5122 for nw23. Fixed thanks to @dnpushme
2016-07-20 Adding Sundown.
2016-09-17 Adding RIG
2016-09-19 Adding Magnitude
2018-01-30 Adding GrandSoft (but appeared there on 2017-09-22)

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