CVE-2018-15982 (Flash Player up to and Exploit Kits

2019-01-16 - Exploit Integration

CVE-2018-15982 (Flash Player up to and Exploit Kits

The CVE-2018-15982 is a bug that allows remote code execution in Flash Player up to, spotted in the wild as a 0day. Patched on December 05, 2018 with APSB18-42.


Underminer exploit kit improves in its latest iteration - 2018-12-21 - Malwarebytes




Figure 4: Fallout exploiting CVE-2018-15982 on Windows 7 - 2019-01-16

Files: Fiddler on VT - Pcap on VT

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Итак! Тяжкие работы по восстановлению всей инфраструктуры связки закончены, были проведены тесты и в данный момент связка работает в полном объеме. Также были произведены множество правок и изменений.


  1. Увеличена производительность
  2. Полностью переработан механизм обфускации кода и генерации лэндинга.
  3. Убран CVE-2018-8373 на переработку. В данный момент сплоит ведет себя не стабильно.
  4. Добавлен новый флеш сплоит CVE-2018-15982.
  5. Для запуска повершелл в шеллкод добавлен код отключения AMSI
  6. Кучка мелких правок


В данный момент при проверке отстука софта со связки было выявлено:

  1. Отстук EXE на уровне 80-90%
  2. Отстук PowerShell на уровне 95-100%

Translated by google as:

So! The hard work on the restoration of the entire infrastructure of the bundle was completed, tests were carried out and at the moment the bundle is working in full. There have also been many edits and changes.


  1. Increased performance
  2. The code obfuscation and landing generation mechanism has been completely redesigned.
  3. Removed CVE-2018-8373 for recycling. At the moment, the flow rate is not stable.
  4. Added new flash sploit CVE-2018-15982.
  5. To launch Powershell, the disable code AMSI is added to the shellcode
  6. A bunch of minor edits

CHANGED PRICE POLICY Week 400 $ Month $ 1300

At the moment, when checking the otstuk software from the bundle, it was revealed:

  1. Otstuk EXE level 80-90%
  2. Otstuk PowerShell at the level of 95-100%
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bd31d8f5f7d0f68222517afc54f85da9d305e63a2ff639c6c535e082de13dede SHA-256 GandCrab Ransomware 2019-01-16


2019-03-06 Appears to be a new Exploit Kit which has some similarities with “SPL EK”. (CVE-2018-8174 has been spotted there as well)


Figure 4: Spelevo exploiting CVE-2018-15982 on Windows 7 - 2019-03-07


Thanks to Chaoying Liu for CVE confirmation.

Files: Fiddler on VT - Pcap on VT (note: Some proxy were used)

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9aa8e341cc895350addaf268b21f7a716f6d7993575fdba67a3fe7a9e23b8f90 SHA-256 Gootkit “1999” 2019-03-07
2feba3cc47b7f1d47a9e1277c4f4ad5aa5126e59798ac096459d1eae8f573c35 SHA-256 Gootkit “3012” (2nd Stage) 2019-03-07
ws.blueberryconstruction[.]it|185.158.250[.]163 domain|IP Gootkit C2 2019-03-07
ws.diminishedvaluevirginia[.]com|185.158.251[.]115 domain|IP Gootkit C2 2019-03-07
gttopr[.]space|198.251.83[.]27 domain|IP Gootkit C2 2019-03-07

GreenFlash Sundown:

19.03.26 #Malvertising -> #GreenFlashSundown EK-> #SeonRansomware ver 0.2 & #pony & #miner using CVE-2018-15982 - 2019-04-05 - @vigilantbeluga

Shadowgate Returns to Worldwide Operations With Evolved Greenflash Sundown Exploit Kit - 2019-06-27 - Trendmicro

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