2015-01-10 - Ransomware – Panel

Inside Android LockOut System aka PornDroid

Blog - page 6 A look inside a Koler (Android Ransomware) Panel Read More ›

2014-12-28 - Ransomware – Geo-Focus

Critroni += NL and IT += DE += ES

Blog - page 6 Critroni/CTB Locker is adding support for more languages Read More ›

2014-11-23 - Exploit-Kit – Landscape

Call me Null Hole maybe ?

Blog - page 6 A quick look at yet another Exploit-Kit : Null Hole. Read More ›

2014-11-21 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2014-6332 (Internet Explorer) and Exploits Kits

Blog - page 6 The first encounter was in the Sweet Orange from the actor pushing DarkShell via KR compromised website. Read More ›

2014-11-21 - Exploit-Kit – Landscape

Neutrino : The come back ! (or Job314 the Alter EK)

Blog - page 6 In September a post from Alter appeared on underground. He was searching for traffic to test an exploit kit he was building. Read More ›

2014-11-20 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2014-8440 (Flash up to and Exploit Kits

Blog - page 6 Once again that's fast. Nine day (or less?) after patch the vulnerability is being exploited in blind mass attack. Read More ›

2014-10-28 - Ransomware – Landscape

The worst of Windows "Police Locker" is also available on Android

Blog - page 6 Koler using sick method to try and get payment. Read More ›

2014-10-20 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2014-0556 (Adobe Flash Player) integrating Exploit Kits

Blog - page 6 A proof of concept (for Flash of a heap-based buffer overflow patched on September 9th, was published on September 30th on Packet Storm . Code targeting that CVE is now in Nuclear Pack. Read More ›

2014-10-02 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2013-7331/CVE-2015-2413 (onload variant) and Exploit Kits

Blog - page 6 As we can see more and more of those "XMLDOM" checks in exploit kits i decided to write here some of the checks spotted. Read More ›