2014-06-09 - Exploit-Kit – Study

Meet Niteris EK (formerly known as CottonCastle)

Blog - page 8 Sturying an undocumented Exploit-Kit mainly focused on Russia Read More ›

2014-06-07 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2014-0515 (Flash and earlier) integrating Exploit Kits

Blog - page 8 Discovered by Kaspersky in April in watering hole attack, soon after used in operation targeting Banking information in Japan/Korea by Symantec, reached Exploit DB at begining of may, then in malwertising tied to Brazil 2014 by Spiderlabs, the code targeting CVE-2014-0515 (Flash and earlier) has find its way to Exploit Kits. Read More ›

2014-06-04 - Ransomware – Connect the dots

Simplocker : The Advert

Blog - page 8 Sharing the advert of this new “Cryptolocker” for #Android OS devices Read More ›

2014-05-10 - Botnet – Affiliate

SevPod : The Waledac (Spambot.Kelihos) Affiliate by Severa

Blog - page 8 A look inside the Kelihos affiliate Panel Read More ›

2014-05-04 - Ransomware – Landscape

Police Locker land on Android Devices

Blog - page 8 The “Reveton team” has diversified its locking activity. The advert is old (2014-02-18) but i decided to write about it today as I found a TDS using almost all features proposed by this affiliate including the android locker. Read More ›

2014-04-27 - TDS – Landscape

BlackHat-TDS (v1.4)

Blog - page 8 In middle of December 2013, XShaman started to advertised a new TDS: BlackHat-TDS a remake of Ninja TDS Read More ›

2014-04-13 - Botnet – Affiliate

Communizm : the Ramdo/Redyms Affiliate

Blog - page 8 A look at the Redyms affiliate: Communizm Read More ›

2014-04-01 - Exploit-Kit – Landing

Angler "April Fish"

Blog - page 8 The impossible path Read More ›

2014-03-24 - Exploit-Kit – Exploit Integration

CVE-2014-0322 integrating Exploit Kits

Blog - page 8 CVE-2014-0322 appeared reached the Exploit-Kit market with Fiesta Read More ›